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Local Boston Markets get a name change for the Super Bowl

Josh Middleton

Whether it’s a doughnut shop temporarily nixing all New England-themed treats or cops slathering Crisco on telephone poles, you know this city is going hard for its Philadelphia Eagles. The Birds face off against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, and, until then, you can bet that you’ll be seeing tons more of these only-in-Philly shenanigans taking place across the city.

The latest story surrounds national comfort-food chain Boston Market. Folks began taking notice this weekend that the restaurant had replaced the “Boston” in its name with a big white banner that reads, “Philly.” Hence, you’ll be heading into Philly Market this week when you stop by to get your meatloaf-and-mashed-potato fix.

A rep from Boston, er, Philly Market tells us that eight locations in Philadelphia have changed their name for the week—and our neighbor to the north is getting in on the fun, too. At least two locations in New Jersey have also taken part in the name swap.

Apparently, businesses in Boston have retaliated by nixing Philly cheesesteaks and even Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Good luck with that, bozos!

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