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Frater Enatheleme At Lapis Lazuli Oasis
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Frater Enatheleme At Lapis Lazuli Oasis says
Creating Telesmatic Images and Esoteric Art (90 minutes) — Of the many tools in an occult practitioner’s toolbox, the system of correspondences is one which is frequently used in the creation of ceremonial and dramatic rituals, telesmatic images, and esoteric art. In this workshop, you will learn about this technique, and then you’ll get hands-on experience with the most commonly used tables in Aleister Crowley’s 777, and develop ideas for your own invocative and magical working. Note: It is not required to bring a copy of 777; copies of the major tables will be available.

Making Music to Accompany Ritual (45 minutes) — This is for non-musicians and talented musicians as well. Covers concepts about playing music in the context of ritual, different considerations for what works and what doesn’t, and a discussion of musical “morality” vs. Thelemic principles applied to music.
$15 per class or $20 for both - RSVP to
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