Halo Charity Tournament In Honor Of Monty Oum

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Halo Charity Tournament In Honor Of Monty Oum
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Halo Charity Tournament In Honor Of Monty Oum says
Monty Oum, the lead animator of Rooster Teeth who worked on Red VS Blue and RWBY, passed away. To honor his legacy, Endgame is holding a Halo Slayer tournament, with proceeds going to the Child's Play Charity in Monty's name.

The Entry Fee will be $10 per person. $5 of which will go to Child's Play Charity, with the other $5 going to the pot. Teams of up to four may register. At the start of the tournament, all teams must consist of four members.

Endgame will be providing a $300 pot bonus

First Place: 50% of the pot + $150
Second Place: 25% of the pot + $75
Third Place: 10% of the pot + $30
Fourth - Sixth: 5% of the pot + $15

Pre-registration will be held at Endgame on the day of the tournament, beginning at noon.

The tournament will take place from 3:00pm to 10:00pm.


Tournament Rules:

Console: XBOX 360
Game: HALO 4

Team Slayer –

Teams must consist of four members and be decided before the start of the match.

Team names will not contain any profane language, and can be disapproved by an Endgame Staff member.

Matches will be fifteen minutes with the score of 600.

Primary weapon: Battle Rifle

Secondary weapon: None

Motion Sensor: Off

Death Cam: Off

Map loadouts: Off

Weapons on Map: Default

Suicide Penalty: None

Betrayal Penalty: None


If a player disconnects from the game within the first 30 seconds of the game and no point has been scored, the game must be restarted. After 30 seconds or the first kill, the team that had a player disconnect forfeits the map. Teams can agree to replay the map if a disconnect happens after 30 seconds or the first kill, but there is no obligation to do so.


If a game results in a tie, the game must be replayed with the same game mode, map, and host, but with a five (5) minute time limit. Any further ties on the same map shall be replayed with the same procedure.

Delays and Forfeits:

Teams must be ready to play at the designated match start time. “Ready to play” means that all four players of each team must be present and ready to begin the game within 10 minutes after the official match start time.

If a team is not fully ready to play and the 10 minutes has passed, the team will forfeit.If your team is unable to join a lobby due to technical difficulties with the game, please notify the opposing team immediately and inform them that you are attempting to connect. If problems arise, please notify the referee.

Match Reporting:

Results will be reported to a tournament official by the match referee.
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By: Endgame