Intro To Shamanic Journeying

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Intro To Shamanic Journeying
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Intro To Shamanic Journeying says
Please call 602-265-4065 to reserve a seat as space is limited.

You will need to bring a notebook, pen and something to cover your eyes (bandana, etc), donation.

Benjamin is new in town and looking to share his wisdom, so he is offering this class for a small suggested donation of $10 (cash only please)

Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey brings us face to face with the images, symbols and experiences Spirit has designed to reach us at our deepest levels. These symbols and experiences are unique to each of us and are what make up our own “Original Mythology”. By learning this personal mythological language we are better equipped to bridge the gap between our ordinary day-to-day existence and our eternal, spiritual aspect that unite us to our path, one another, and the Oneness of all things.

When we are able to stand with a foot in both these worlds we are then able to, as our ancestors put it, “see with Shaman eyes”.

Class description:

Shamanic Journeying is one of the oldest forms of meditation known to man, it has been practiced in some form on every corner of the globe by every culture that has walked the Earth. Using nothing but a steady drumbeat, an open mind, and a patient heart, Journeying opens a direct connection to your guiding spirits and teachers who can provide the deepest levels of insight, inspiration and healing.

In this workshop we will discuss the fundamentals of Shamanism and practice with some of the more common and well-established Journeying techniques. Whether you are a practitioner with years of experience or brand new to the world of Shamanic Journeying, this class will offer you an opportunity to deepen your connection with spirit and provide a safe and supportive community within which to practice.

Benjaman Sullivan has spent nearly half his life as a student of Shamanism. His passion for the work lies in helping others find and foster their own personal connection to Spirit through core shamanic techniques and practices.
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