Two Mediums At Large: James Van Praagh & Melinda Vail Shed New L

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Two Mediums At Large: James Van Praagh & Melinda Vail Shed New L
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Two Mediums At Large: James Van Praagh & Melinda Vail Shed New L says
Two Mediums at Large: James Van Praagh & Melinda Vail Shed New Light on Life, Death, and Karma – Lunch is included in this one-day experiential workshop!

Join internationally renowned spiritual medium and teacher, James Van Praagh to explore and connect with your soul’s eternal wisdom, spirit guides, and loved ones and friends who have passed over. James will share secrets of mediumship gathered over 30 plus years of communicating with the dead. In this unique, hands-on workshop you will:

- Learn how to blend and communicate with the spirit world around you.

- Use visualizations, soul regressions, and sacred meditations to bring your soul to a state of receptivity.

- Connect and set up an ongoing working relationship with your spirit guides.

- Explore various levels of awareness, including “over shadowing” to bring about the spirit world in a more physical state.

- Learn to receive spiritual messages for yourself and others.

Preparing you to connect to Spirit: While providing readings, Internationally Recognized Evidential Medium & Intuitive Therapist, Melinda Vail will assist you in understanding who you are in relationship to your self, others, Spirit and the Quantum Field.

- Learn to release all that doesn’t serve you in terms of patterns, people, grief, loss, worry and fear

- Learn the five attributes of your Karmic ProfileTM and how you personally align with the Law of Attraction

- Understand how and why you attract to you the experiences and people in your life

- Continue to deepen your connection and understanding of Spirit for your personal evolution as it pertains to your Karmic Footprint

- Cleanse your Karmic Footprint on a moment-to-moment basis to invite a crystal clear connection to Spirit and what you desire most

You’ll return home with a stronger connection to the spirit world, and a deeper sense of how spirit works with you and your Karmic ProfileTM on a daily basis to bring forth light and healing to all you encounter.
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By: James Van Praagh