"What Are We Protecting Ourselves From And Do We Really Need To?"

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"What Are We Protecting Ourselves From And Do We Really Need To?"
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"What Are We Protecting Ourselves From And Do We Really Need To?" says
"What Are We Protecting Ourselves From and Do We Really Need To?" An Evening of Shared Wisdom and Activations with Sherryl Frauenglass, Cosmic Conduit

· Do you find yourself feeling energetically zapped around certain people?
· Are you confused by the conflicting information out there about how to protect yourself?
· Do you feel unsure about whether or not you are safe around certain people or places?
· Do you wonder if you’re tapping into other people’s fear rather than actually needing protection?

In this fun and interactive class, we will explore this topic in depth in order to discover new tools, gain clarity and assist you to discover the truth for yourself.

· Learn what to do to bring the mind to a place of peace in all situations
· Gain a new perspective on grounding that will assist you to connect to your own core.
· Be able to discern when it’s in the highest to protect yourself.
· Begin to learn how to connect to your Cosmic support team, so that you can relax and know that all is well

$20 cash payable at the door
To reserve your seat, contact Sherryl cosmicconduit88@gmail.com or 480-532-9723


Sherryl Frauenglass is a Cosmic Conduit who works with multidimensional realms and beings, to move you beyond the ordinary world of perceptions, dense thought forms, limiting belief systems and old, archaic patterns, in order to raise your vibratory levels and activate a new state of consciousness that is in alignment with who you truly are and who you came here to be.

Sherryl's mission is to assist those who are waking up to the possibilities in their own lives through Group Classes, Divinely Guided Energy Sessions, Awakening Guiding/Facilitation and personal mentoring. She believes that her abilities are not "special gifts", but are something that is available to anyone who is open to receiving them. Sherryl is committed to empowering and teaching others how to connect with their own abilities.
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By: Sherryl Frauenglass: Cosmic Conduit