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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Christ Chabot

15 reasons not to move away from SF even though it feels like everyone else is

By Time Out San Francisco editors

We've been seeing it everywhere—San Franciscans are skipping town for greener (cheaper) pastures in other cities. A move is understandable. Rents and home prices are off the charts, homelessness is a constant problem throughout the city, neighborhoods are dramatically changing and you can't step outside without getting an earful on how San Francisco is a shell of its former Bohemian self. But loyalty has its advantages. Here are 15 reasons to stick it out and not join the mass exodus from the City by the Bay:

1. Sorry Los Angeles, but you will never find a decent burrito anywhere else. 

2. You will regret your move every time you see one of those car commercials with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. 

3. No other city has the trifecta; the San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park and garlic fries. 

4. The Super Bowl is over! Things can only get better. 

5. You've already adopted "hella" into your vocabulary. If you move somewhere else, no one will understand you. Except maybe Boston, but, ew.

6. The only other place you'll find weather this wonderful is in Tuscany, and good luck launching your app there. 

7. We're pretty sure you can't wear a hoodie and jeans to work on Wall Street. 

8. The Warriors are actually moving TO San Francisco. Why leave now?

9. Outside Lands is around the corner, and the lineup is spectacular.

10. Nudity is illegal everywhere else. (This might actually prompt some of you to pack your bags, in which case, bye!)

11. Unless you head to the middle of France, your proximity to good wine will never be better. 

12. Learning the quirks of another public transit system takes too much time. You already know and navigate all of Muni's peccadillos. 

13. No one likes a quitter. 

14. You already own a closetful of layers, the clothing item of choice for all San Franciscans. 

15. No matter where in the world you travel, when you tell someone you live in San Francisco, they get SO jealous and you get SO proud. 

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