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Dating IRl
Photograph: Clara Rice

Dating in the Bay Area can be hard. So we sent two strangers on a blind date.

By Time Out San Francisco editors

We set up two strangers on a blind date to try and bring some heat to the ice rink.

HER: Tatianna, 27

Cat lady, metal lover, nauseated by the word date

HIM: Marc, 30

Music curator, free spirit, lives a minimalist lifestyle

Photograph: Clara Rice

THE FUN: Holiday Ice Rink in Union Square

TATIANNA: “Marc was patient and good-humored as I declared ice-skating ‘terrible.’ I believe my actual quote was, ‘Oh, yeah. This is terrible. This is terrible.’ ”

MARC: “Ice-skating while Disney songs blast from the speakers is the perfect ambience! Unfortunately, ice-skating is always better in theory. My ankles were in pain.”

Photograph: Courtesy Bluestem

THE MEAL: Bluestem Brasserie

TATIANNA: “The beets completely stole the evening. I would not have expected beets, wasabi and citrus to pair so beautifully, but it was hands down my favorite part of the meal.”

MARC: “The pan-roasted pork chop was so good that I stopped midchew to praise Jesus. And the combination of citrus and fresh wasabi on the marinated beets was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.”

Photograph: Ryan Hughes, Courtesy Bluestem

THE DRINKS: Bluestem Brasserie

TATIANNA: “Bluestem had a warm, classy atmosphere, and I would go back again for cocktails. The seasonal Hot Austrian Punsch was excellent, as was the Fezziwig.”

MARC: “The Aunt Chrystl’s Hot Austrian Punsch was reminiscent of sitting in front of a fireplace, wrapped in a plush blanket, listening to crackling wood and drinking hot cocoa.”


Photograph: Clara Rice


TATIANNA: “Marc is a chill, kind dude who deserves five friend hearts. I liked hanging out, appreciated his listening and found him very easy to be around." 

MARC: “We realized early in the date that there was no romantic interest on either side. This helped the conversation and made it easier for us to be our genuine selves. I really appreciated her company and openness. I had a great time.”

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