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A table set with brunch dishes and a mimosa
Photograph: Abrazo

Does SF have the best brunch in the world? We want to know...


We know the brunch here is good, but is it the best in the whole world? 

Last year we asked 15,000 people around the world some big questions about the cities they lived in. What did we discover? For starters, San Francisco is the most brunch-obsessed city in the world (honestly, not surprised)! About 36 percent of us eat brunch on the regular and we're willing to wait 1.5 hours for a table! 

But it's a whole new year and we need to know if that's still true. Are we over the whole waiting in line thing? Has brunch gone from beloved to basic? And is the Golden Gate Bridge really the most-loved landmark? We’re aiming to answer these questions and many more, but we need your help. (Also, we're trying to topple New York from it's top spot as Best City in the World.) 

Take the Time Out Index 2020 now and tell us all about life in the Bay Area today. It’s fun and anonymous, it takes about ten minutes, and when you’re done, we’ll reveal your soul city: the place that you absolutely have to visit this year, based on your survey answers.

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