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Art shows this week

List up of the best art shows in Seoul this week

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Chuljunsung Chuljunsung
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How do artists deal with their limitations as human beings while at the same time, try to be gods of their own work? Works may go unsold and critics can be cruel, but the fact that their art is subject to the realities of time and the changing conventions of the art world is what really hurts. The struggle with this fate is the theme of Nam Hwa-yeon’s work in multi-media installations that deal with the human greed for control of time.   “Ghost Orchid” (video, 6min 53sec, 2015) is a video installation that makes reference to The Orchid Thief, a book popular in Belgium and England in the 1990s. The novel is based on the true story of John Laroche and other plant poachers who searched the world for rare orchids. Within Nam Hwa-yeon’s work, she expresses the human obsession with hoarding by disguising herself as a man who dances as if he were this orchid.   “The Adoration of the Magi” (video, 11min 32sec, 2015) reflects on humans as voyeurs. The work zooms in on Giotto’s painting of the Halley’s Comet. The artist observes how nature enlightened Christians of the time, putting their perspective under a scientific light.   Nam yet again attempts to control time in “Ant Time” (27.5 x 34cm, photo documentation, 2014). As a piece of thread chases after an ant’s foot prints, a tangible trace is documented. What is leftover is a remnant of time, captured and visible for the naked eye to behold.   Nam Hwa-yeon often shapes performance into two different kinds of forms: video and stage e
Sungkok Museum
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Sungkok Arts & Cultural Foundation was established in 1995. In homage to Mr. Sung Gon Kim, the late founder of Ssangyong Corporation, it was named after Kim's nickname, Sungkok. The museum itself was built upon his former home. This non-profit organization continues Kim’s support for education, arts and culture reflecting his philosophy: "national progress begins with the cultivation of bright minds." Divided into two halls, the museum has hosted various local and international contemporary artists along with genre-specific exhibitions including photography, fashion, design and video. One of the things that make this museum more appealing is the surrounding gardens. Consisting of around 100 different types of trees, this small urban forest has a walking path with impressive sculptures created by acclaimed artists like Arman, Gu Bonju and Suh Donghun displayed along the way. Located near the palatial site of Gyeonghuigung, the surrounding area also offers a tasteful atmosphere.
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