이형구 개인전 gallus
Courtesy of the artist and Perigee Gallery
In Latin, a “gallus” is a rooster, and that is exactly what you’ll find at this exhibition. Simply put, the sculptures are skeletons of male Korean chickens magnified 16 times larger than their actual size. Famous for modeling skeletal sculptures of animal-based animation characters like Mickey and Donald Duck, Lee Hyung-gu moved on from mice and ducks after assembling the chicken bones left over from a hearty combo of chimaek (fried chicken and beer). Upon realizing that the whole chicken that he ordered was missing a wing and more, Lee saw the average working Korean man who has succumbed to reality to give up his dreams, as being akin to chimaek, which, without a doubt, is Korea’s favorite late night dinner and snack.

By: Michelle JY Park

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