Temple of The Artist

서상익 개인전
Courtesy of the artist and gallery Kiche
Kusama not only covers furniture and a giant pumpkin in her famous dotted patterns, but wears them as day dresses too. Kandinsky also dressed to match his orchestral music inspired paintings—he looked like a smartly-dressed conductor in gold-trimmed glasses paired with a white shirt and tie combo. Looking at photographs of famous artists, you can see that their artistic personas seeped into their lifestyle, as shown in Seo Sang-ik’s “Temple of the Artist.” In this painting series, Seo renders realistic portraits of artists posing in front of their most famous works, so it’s quite easy to spot Warhol and Basquiat if you are familiar with their faces. But the picturesque portraits aren’t the scene-stealers of the exhibit—check out the image of a pouting Rauschenberg alongside the poised and smiling Lichtenstein and you’ll understand. 

By: Michelle JY Park

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