The Greatest Artists_Dali, Chagall, Bernard Buffet

Art, Painting
©Bernard Buffet ADAGP, Paris (©Bernard Buffet ADAGP, Paris)
©Bernard Buffet ADAGP, Paris
©Marc Chagall ADAGP, Paris (©Marc Chagall ADAGP, Paris)
©Marc Chagall ADAGP, Paris

While Dali and Chagall are well-known, the name Buffet might sound rather unfamiliar. Although he is as not as known, he rivaled Picasso’s during the 1950s and was one of Andy Worhol’s favorites. In his captivating works, he dryly depicts reality with casual strokes. This exhibition is a way to truly see some of the greatest in 20th century art. 

By: Hwang Hye Young


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