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The top 10 art shows in Seoul this month

From photography to video exhibitions and more.

Check out our suggestions for the best art exhibitions you don't want to miss.



Who are the leaders, consumers and trendsetters of the future? What is their current culture, and what do they represent? Why or how did these specific cultures come about? The YOUTH exhibition which has recently opened at Hannam-dong’s D Museum deals with such sociological and philosophical questions. Focused on youthcultures from around the world, it presents works created by more than 28 young artists. Its aim is to portray the youths' continuous struggles and fight for expression in hopes for a better life. As cliché as it may sound, you will be delighted to see authentic ways these young artists formulated their unique ideas along with D Museum’s interactive curation. There are two parts to the exhibition. The first section on the basement floor reflects on looking inside the minds of youths and their fight to liberate the expressions hidden within them. Once you descend to the basement gallery, the atmosphere suddenly changes — to dark and powerful, something similar to that of a prison, with the interior designed to resemble a forgotten construction site. Finding your way through the maze of metal bars and fences, what you will be exposed to is such rawness exuded by the artworks. This whole experience could come off as a statement of 'devolution' of society, characterized by its vulgar visuals and harsh words. Yet, what it ultimately suggests is a reflection of the often stigmatized process of growth and the turbulent agony that lies within. As you ascend to the se

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D MUSEUM Until Sunday May 28 2017

Klimt Inside

Taking a new approach using new media and technology, S-Factory in Seongsu-dong presents a modern media art exhibition of the celebrated Viennese artist Gustav Klimt. Unlike the traditional method—of viewing renowned paintings hung on museum walls—this exhibition allows us to experience the works of art complimented by music, lighting, LED screens and more. Divided into 6 sections (End of Century, Ver Sacrum, Women, Stocklet Frieze, Later Colors and Kiss), each section offers unique insight into the Austrian symbolist painter. Outside the main exhibition, visitors can experience a virtual reality of a Stoclet Palace dining room decorated with an artwork which Klimt was commissioned to create.

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S-Factory , Seongdong-gu Until Tuesday April 18 2017

David LaChapelle - Inscape of Beauty

David LaChapelle’s powerful as well as controversial yet undeniably alluring collections of images are back for his second solo exhibition in Seoul. With his works spanning from his ‘dark ages’ (which started at the age of 15) to the 2013 Land Scape sculpture series, Ara Museum in Insa-dong has the honor of representing LaChapelle this time. LaChapelle, an artist who did anything to survive in the field of photography, jumped at the opportunity handed to him by Andy Warhol at Interview Magazine. On being a high school dropout, he notes that this phase of his life is his substitute for university. LaChapelle, a self-proclaimed workaholic, worked day and night striving to create new images that the world had never seen. As a result, he was granted the title "Fellini of photography" and a long list of celebrity clients. However, as he grew, he began to question everything he loved doing while his ideas became increasingly ambiguous and distant for the mainstream to grasp. Having burnt himself out, he left the industry with the plan to start a farm in Hawaii. Yet, he was soon invited to showcase his work at a German gallery. The opportunity which was much less commercial in its essence compared to what he had been used to lead LaChapelle to truly embark in his fine arts career with a new dimension of work; He was no longer bound by the constraints of and pressure from the fashion and celebrity photography which he had been known for all along. In such a course, LaChapelle began

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ARA Modern Art Museum Until Sunday April 2 2017
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