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Get me a bloomin’ cocktail!

Flower-themed drinks start your spring off right

Written by
Hahna Yoon
The Triple Berry Mix at the Crazy Saint
  • Bars
  • Mapo-gu
The Crazy Saint, a low-key bar located in the  alleyways of Sangsu-dong, has several cocktails so upscale you’ll think you’re sitting in the VIP section of a bar in Cheongdam-dong. One such cocktail is the Triple Berry Mix served in a glass fish bowl. Raspberry, strawberry and cranberry are the most prominent flavors in this soft and creamy cocktail made of various liqueurs, purées, syrups and vanilla ice cream. For those looking for higher doses of alcohol you can choose between vodka and rum, but beware, as this cocktail adorned with
edible flowers is so delicious you might have quite the hangover the next day.
The 1975 Party at Y1975
  • Bars
Looking for a bouquet of flowers you can gift on a special occasion? Flowers wrapped in ribbons are so yesterday. Try the 1975 Party for a potpourri of shots served in a deep bowl of ice, candles, sparklers and flowers. Often ordered during birthday parties, it’s comprised of 12 shots served in test tubes and their contents vary from week to week. You can get a mix of red peach and X-rated Fusion Liqueur, a banana juice coconut liqueur combo or straight tequila—the fact that no one knows what to expect makes it perfect for a dangerous drinking game.
The Rose Garden at Collection Lounge
  • Restaurants
In sharp contrast to the hip and kitsch environment that is Collection Lounge, the Rose Garden comes to you delicately served in a cold martini glass. Underneath the bed of blood red rose petals, you’ll find a sweet, lowdose cocktail made with hibiscus tea, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, peach liqueur, cranberry juice and of course, rose water. While the cocktail is named the Rose Garden, don’t be surprised by the overwhelming elderberry flavor. It’s only 12% alcohol; so it's not a drink for trying to get drunk.
The Bridge of Propose at the Griffin Bar
  • Bars
  • Hotel bars
  • Jongno-gu
Located on the 11th floor of the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul, the creators of the Bridge of Propose intended for this drink to emulate the “butterflies in your stomach” feeling of being proposed to. The pink X-rated Fusion Liqueur and edible rose petals add a splash of color to this vodka-based concoction of alcohol plus lemon juice, tonic water androse syrup. The lemon adds a slight hint of tartness, offsetting the balance between sweet and sour just a tad.
The Sylvia Plath at Bermuda
  • Bars
In Sylvia Plath’s 1961 poem, “Tulips,” she describes the bulbous plants as “excitable” and “vivid.” Here at Bermuda, a simple tulip peers at you from the tall glass from which the Sylvia Plath cocktail is served. The gin-based drink is made with homemade lavender, rare ylang ylang bitters, tonic water, lime juice and pomegranate syrup. Scent plays an important role in the drink and the smell of lavender, which hits you before the drink even touches your lips, is sure to conjure some floral thoughts.
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