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It’s here: the “Time Out Cocktail” for Seoul

The ultimate Time Out Cocktail that you can only have at Hongdae's Robin's Sqaure.

Written by
Michelle JY Park
When we asked Robin's Square to whip up an original cocktail that best represents both Time Out and Seoul, we knew we were asking a huge favor. So when Robin oppa sent us a text saying “It’s good! It’s delicious!” we couldn’t help but cheer. “I think I am a genius,” were his exact words as he set out not only one, but three Cobblers made with three different kinds of wine—white, red and port.  
Before you take a sip, the lemon verbena first hits the nose with a refreshing, mint-like scent. The taste of vanilla gives it a deep, comfortable feeling. "People living in Seoul are always busy. As cobblers would make cocktails for themselves on their breaks, this is the kind of drink that could give Seoulites a moment of respite and comfort.” says Robin. Ah, a Time Out philosophy in a drink at last! And with available variations to boot. The white wine and rum cobbler is the perfect way to start off the night, and to follow through, the red wine cobbler with a splash of dark rum will definitely lift your spirits. Save the port wine cobbler for last, as the aged rum (“deep like a doenjang fermented for five years” is how Robin describes it), will add some depth to bring out the best of the sweet port wine—exactly what a good, dessert-like cocktail should be. 
Once you ask for a Time Out Cocktail from Robin (or any of the bartenders at Robin Square), he’ll give you three options. Ask according to your mood at the moment. We ordered the most classic Time Out Cocktail today, but Robin may squirt some fresh fruit juice or take out the rum altogether in your concoction. So try a little to test and invigorate Robin’s experimental spirit and passion—we promise you won’t regret it. 
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