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The varieties of Seoul hangover cures

Liquid sodium magic.
Simya sikdang

This too shall passs... In the meanwhile, check out our list of suggestions.


Hanoi-style pho at Emoi

icon-location-pin Jongno-gu

Emoi's broth is light, full of flavor and well seasoned, quite unlike anything else available in Seoul. Two types of pho are served: the regular and the premium. The meat in the premium pho is cooked beforehand and then added to the broth, giving it a completely different flavor from the regular. What makes Emoi particularly qualified as a hangover cure spot is the fact that it provides refills on both noodles and broth.

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Wild chive and shepherd's-purse stew at Neungra Bapsang

A hangover cure you can find here is the dong-dal-naeng jeongol, a pork-based stew with two kinds of fragrant spring greens. Its heat and mild spice are tempered by the addition of doenjang and nutty perilla seed powder. What makes Neungra Bapsang a great hangover spot is the owner's focus on nutrition—as sometimes one simply can't consume a lot of food when he/she's hungover. And it makes sense when considering the owner is the first female defector to earn a PhD in food and nutrition.


Palak paneer and masala at Everest

icon-location-pin Jongno-gu

Sweat some alcohol out of your system here. The curries at Everest are what differentiates it from other restaurants of its kind. The palak paneer is creamy and rich and goes perfectly with an order of garlic naan, served piping hot. Presenting a perfect balance of spicy and sweet, the chicken and mutton masalas are also fantastic. Top off your order with a fruity lassi and a side of samosas, which are served with a memorable mint dipping sauce.

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Pyeongyang-style naengmyeon and yukgaejang at Wooraeok

icon-location-pin Eulji-ro

Wooraeok's naengmyeon is known for its flavorful, rich broth. If you like the taste of buckwheat, try the "soonmyeon," which has a higher percentage of buckwheat content. As with other Pyeongyang-style naengmyeon houses, Wooraeok is always filled with senior citizens, nostalgic for the tastes of earlier times. If you're not into cold noodle soups, try their yukgaejang (hot spicy meat stew).

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