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Seoul's liquor stores with great selections (of everything)

From quick-stop shots selling bottled beer to old-timey stores that offer tastings and pairings, visit these places for your special occasions.

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Throwing a house party? Staying in for a mellow night? Check out these places for an awesome selection of wine, beer, whiskey, spirits, traditional Korean liquors, sake and more.

Wine & More: so much more, indeed
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  • Yongsan-gu
Anyone can find at least one bottle of nice wine marking their birth year here as Wine & More boasts a pretty impressive collection of wines, with some even dating back almost 100 years. The wines made in the 70’s to 80’s cost somewhere between 100,000 won to 200,000 won. Not only that, they offer ‘Daily Surprise Events’ providing a select brand of wine at an extremely reduced price. As for the ‘& More’ part of the name, you can find a wide variety of beer, whisky, spirits, traditional Korean liquors and sake here. From 100 variants of miniature spirits (50ml - 200ml) priced at 10,000 won, to magnum size wines/champagnes perfect for gatherings and parties, the store has over 2,600 available types on demand. 
The Jell
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Twenty-four years have passed since this wine shop slash restaurant opened in 1992. Seeing how fast Gyeongridan changes these days, it’s noteworthy that it’s stayed in the same place for such a long time. Since this place has been around as a wine shop and a bar for a long time, they have rather unfamiliar wines that are selected based on their expertise. Prices are very reasonable as well, allowing you to buy a bottle of good wine for about 10,000 won. Featuring about 1,500 kinds of wine, the owner of this special spot is Lee Jae-chun was even knighted in France for his contributions to the wine industry.
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