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Seoul Bike

Enjoy the bicycle at any of the many stations around Seoul.

Written by
Hwang Hye Young

Have you noTICed the green bicycles and docking stations around the city these days? Started as an initiative to reduce Seoul’s CO2 emissions, the number of Seoul Bike stations has significantly increased, thanks to the added locations near subway/bus stops. Easy and efficient to use, Seoul Bike is an unmanned rental system that can be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone. Just sign up as a member on their website (provided in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese), register your T-Money or credit card information, go to the closest docking station and unlock the bike! Don’t worry if you get confused, there are detailed step-by-step instructions available online. A one-day voucher costs 1,000 won, a one-week voucher is 3,000 won and a one-year voucher is only 30,000 won. When you’re done, dock the bicycle at any of the many stations around Seoul.
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