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Aesthetics of 1㎠

The most luxury at the tips of your fingers

Onnu Nail

Famous nail artist Ryu On-yu, often deemed the G-Dragon of this industry, has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram. Famous for her  tablet pill nails, her clientele includes a number of celebrities, such asBoA and So Yi-hyun. For the tablet pill style, she colors only half of the nails and applies two different colors of nail polish on the upper and lower halves of it. Recently, she has been inspired by diverse types of patterns and fashion shows. She makes her own colors as well, making the colors and designs of her nail art that much more satisfying.

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K-pop stars Girls' Generation, Sistar and Ailee are regular customers here. “Stone art”, which makes these singers' hands sparkle when they hold their microphones, is this shop’s signature design. They only use Swarovski crystals, which don't easily scratch and glitter beautifully. If you think putting crystals on every finger is a little too extravagant, you can use one or two of these in different colors to give some extra glow. This place is strongly recommended for those who like softer colors and fancy decorations.

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Trend N

This is one of the first shops that introduced “cheek nails” (nails that look as if one applied blusher on one’s nails). Owner Kim Su-jeong majored in art in Korea and studied nail art in Japan. She opened this place in 2008 to bring the new discoveries she made there to Korea. Along with cheek nails in a variety of colors, she is also famous for her sensible styles, as she does not completely cover up the nail but leaves spaces in between. Trend N considers their customers' style, instead of mere fads, to be the most important.

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This shop is run by owner Park Eun-kyung, who was the first Korean nail artist to be invited to New York Fashion Week. She has grabbed the attention of the masses and celebrities for her unique design that looks like shards of glass. She was inspired by stained glass and created glass nails for which she attaches segments of cellophane onto the fingernails, which glitter. When it comes to strong creative designs, this is the place to go.

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