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Terrace seating now at Millennium Hilton Seoul

Looking for a bit of fresh air in the concrete jungle? With the arrival of their new  culinary director, 37 year veteran Bernhard Butz, there have been lots of changes happening at the hotel and on the menu.The Millennium Hilton Seoul has just opened up their new terrace seating at Cafe 395. The terrace offers wide lounge style sofas as well as upright chairs to sit and enjoy the sun. A few shady green trees are put at each end of the terrace in an attempt to create a bohemian feeling.

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By: Hahna Yoon


Danny K

Hi Time Out Seoul, Happy Happy Birthday!

My favorite places in Seoul are:

1) 경리단 - To me this place is a hidden treasure compared to the next door neighbor itaewon. I love this street because of the hidden cafes and restaurants. It feels as if the owners started their shops for passion and not business. Love finding hidden gems.

2) Cheongdam - The Beverly Hills or the upper west side of Seoul. Yeah it's expensive but sometimes you suit up or dress up and live your life. Best part are the classy bars with beautiful people and good vibes. Live it up, you only live one!

3) Cafe burano- Cafe near Hongdae. For me it's personal because before my Friends left Korea we used to always have family Sunday brunch here. Food is amazing but most importantly the good vibes. Great place to relax and chill with the people you care about

Leighton D

Hi Time Out Seoul, Happy Happy Birthday!

My favorite places in Seoul are:

1) The Han River - Taking a walk or renting a bike when the weather is warm and the air is fresh.

2) Namsan Tower - An early morning hike/jog up the mountain is always refreshing and particularly beautiful in spring and fall. 

3) Casablanca - I LOVE the moroccan sandwiches here, the platters are healthy and delicious.

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right spot, but please re-direct me if not. Thanks.