2016 Korea queer festival

Proudly wave the rainbow flag
The Korea Queer Culture Festival is back and prouder than ever. Whether you’re Korean or not, a LGBTQIA member or an ally, this festival is the place to be if you believe in equality for all, regardless of gender or sexual persuasion. Taking place on June 11th at Seoul Plaza under the slogan of “QUEER I AM, Fight for our existence!” the festival will showcase a slew of fabulous on-stage performances, booths for those who want to be more informed and Pride Parade. Just as last year, the festival is facing a lot of opposition from conservative Christian hate groups who claim that the parade is “obscene” and “decadent,” and these groups are once again pressuring Seoul City to close the event down. (By the way, Seoul City responded saying: "Any citizen can use Seoul Plaza as long as it is for legal purposes.") While the angry, homophobic and ignorant are sure to be there, they are definitely no match for all the loving and welcoming faces of the LGBTQIA community who’ll be there decked out in bright colors and wearing even brighter smiles. A main after-party called “Private Beach” at Some Sevit Island on the Han River will take place after Pride Parade ends. There will also be a diverse array of LGBTQIAculture related events, including some art exhibitions and the Korea Queer Film Festival. Come stand up for equality and watch history in the making at one of the most meaningful festivals in Korea.



Event website: http://kqcf.org/
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