Red Party 2015

Red party 2015
It’s about time for a sizzling hot party! (I’m not talking about sizzling hot looks.) I’m talking about one of the hottest parties to wrap up this year, the Red Party! Launched to raise funds to prevent AIDS and support the rights of those who are HIV-positive, this year marks the third Red Party. A project to prevent AIDS, iSHAP; Chingusai (Between Friends), a Korean gay men’s human rights group; Citizens’ Solidarity, the committee for queer culture festivals; and the online gay community of Ivan City have gathered each year to throw this Red Party in order to gather funds. There’s a simple way you can get involved. Go to and click the “Support” button, and choose however much you would like to donate. If you donate more than 20,000 won, you get an invitation to the Red Party. Donate more than 30,000 won and you even get a gift package. Don’t miss out on a fun opportunity to fight for your rights.



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