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Sunny books

Time Out says

Usadan-gil is on the rise these days. Exotic restaurants, shabby buildings and tangled electrical wires weave together to make the street come to life. However, things are hard to find and you might be disappointed if it’s your first time visiting this area. But once you start to discover the fun spaces that young artists have created here and there, you’ll realize why this place is gaining more and more attention. A bookstore specializing in LGBT readings that opened here last fall is one of those spots. The bookstore owner wasn’t too happy that most of the LGBT culture was centered around clubs and bars, so he started this little shop for those who also wanted a comfy, cozy place people can hang around during the day. You can get well-known magazines and books that you’ll never be able to find at your common bookstore as well as independently published novels, essays, cartoons and more. They also sell posters, fans, badges, bracelets and other accessories related to the LGBT community. The bad news is there aren’t enough books published within Korea to feature in this store. But the good news is Sunny Books will now be involved in publishing, translating foreign books and investing in creative writing for the LGBT community. “My wish is for people to express themselves with confidence instead of shrink into a corner simply because they are a sexual minority,” says the owner. However, keep in mind that Sunny Books will only open on the weekends until April of next year. By Jamie

Written by
Sungchan Park


84, Usadan-ro 10-gil
Opening hours:
Sat–Sun 14:00–20:00
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