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Wearable pride

Brands speaking out in support of human rights release new products

Written by
Sungchan Park

1. LGBT Superstar Shoes

The Superstar has a vibrant rainbow splatter print on the sole and is one of the hottest items in the Adidas Original collection. Adidas Originals, 139,000 won.
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2. LGBT Stan Smith Shoes

For those who fancy details, the Stan Smith design, which has been a beloved classic for over 45 years, has paint drip graphics on the tongue  and heel. Adidas Originals, 149,000 won.
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3. LGBT Tank Top

Light and airy, it’s a perfect top for a weekend at the  club or a hot summer vacation. Adidas Originals,  39,000 won.
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4. Chuck Taylor All Star Pride

Each proud step taken in these classic Chuck Taylor shoes spreads the message of love with rainbow-striped design. Converse, 75,000 won.
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5. Air Max Zero Be True

Every year Nike creates a Be True collection shoe using the rainbow motif. This year, Air Max has the honor of featuring this look with a nice  simplistic design. (Currently unavailable in Korea.) Nike, $150.

6. Be True Training Tights

Featuring a bold rainbow gradation encompassed in geometric shapes, it’s an item anyone would want. (Currently unavailable in Korea.) Nike, $130.
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