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Critic's pick: Must see movies in November

Pop culture critic Kim Bong-seok recommend

Written by
Hye Won Kim
  • Movies
  • Comedy

"This film looks into the world of chefs, the most popular job in Korea right now. A promising, young chef loses everything and then tries to start a three-Michelin-star restaurant as a part of restarting his life."

  • Movies
  • Action and adventure

"This new Bond movie is about the world of real spies. SPECTRE, the evil organization that has been lurking in the shadows, finally reveals itself."

The Priests
  • Movies
  • Thriller

"A girl starts to act strangely after being in a car accident. A priest and a deacon risk their lives for her “salvation.”"

Monster Hunt
  • Movies

"Home of Journey to the West and Legend of Zu, China is one of the treasure houses of fantasies. Now you can check out Monster Hunt, a combination of live-action and CGI, which set new box office records in China."

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