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소년, 소녀 그리고 바다
소년, 소녀 그리고 바다(가와세 나오미, 2014)

Films to recapture the waters

Started the movie to see the sea, and finished it with something more

Written by
Hye Won Kim

Everyone has one of those days when you just want to go stare at the sea, especially on hot summer nights. But unless you live right by the shore, not so many would just get on a train in the middle of the night to travel hours to the coasts. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of movies that could be a great alternative to your overnight trip to the sea. But mind you, you’ll get discover some unexpected things by the time you finish watching them than just scenes at the blue water—from a story of a mackerel banging his head against the fish tank, to going on a journey to hunt down a sea monster, to a mystery old man who keeps a teenage girl to live with him in the middle of the ocean. By Baek Ga-kyeong(Dazed and Confused Magazine assistant editor)

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
  • Movies
  • Action and adventure

Steve Zissou, oceanographer and documentarian, released seven documentaries until he lost his partner and friend of 27 years to “Jaguar Shark.” With a plan to exact revenge on a mythical shark that killed his partner and to film eight more documentaries, he set on an expedition with a new crew. The film almost feels like an Anderson-esque reinterpretation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Richard Fleischer, with similar settings but also with jokes and quirks unique to Wes Anderson films. In the deep blue ocean, Zissou and his crew will have you giggling for the entire 119 minutes.

Still the Water
  • Movies
  • Drama

Looking at the grand ocean on the shores of Amami Island, you might be overwhelmed by the vastness of the water and even feel completely powerless. Kyoko and Kaito, the two teenaged-protagonists of the movie, also contemplate about life and death for the first time at the sight of the sea. Kyoko accepts her mother’s impending death, and Kaito witnesses a dead body of her mother’s boyfriend. And together, they learn to understand the complexity of the workings of nature and mankind. The last scene of the two swimming in the sea is also truly unforgettable. 

Padak (Pa-Dak Pa-Dak)
  • Movies

Have you ever wonder if the fish could talk to one another? In Padak, which takes place at a sushi restaurant, wild fish tell stories about their life out in the open sea to the ones raised in a man-made fish farm. Growing up hearing the story, a mackerel from the sea attempts to escape from the fish tank and make it back home. But the old flatfish thinks differently. Enduring all the attacks from the followers of the old flatfish, however, the mackerel somehow “achieves” his dream of sweet escape. 

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