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Leave it to Jeonju

The 17th Jeonju International Film Festival is approaching

Written by
Hye Won Kim
This year, the Jeonju International Film Festival (Jeonju IFF) marks its 17th year. As one of the most influential film festivals in Korea, Jeonju IFF attempts to discover and introduce creative and challenging films. This year, the Jeonju IFF will feature 210 films from 40 different countries. Of the diverse pool, Korean films will be at the forefront, and programs, such as the Korean Competition, will highlight titles previously unseen. This year the Korean Competition received 121 applications, but only the 10 best were chosen as finalists. Films such as Curtain Call and Madam B, which both won recognition at the Jeonju Project Market, are included in this year’s final list, raising the standards for all of the films and the audiences’ anticipation.
Another highlight of the Jeonju IFF is the Jeonju Cinema Project, which aids independent films during the production and distribution stages by connecting filmmakers to local and international film industry agents. Films that have previously been released through this program, such as Snow Paths, have received positive feedback in international festivals and were released in local theaters.
The Jeonju IFF continues to change and innovate along with the times. Over the years, programs popular with cinephiles, such as Expanded Cinema and Cinematology, have been strengthened, and this year, the opening and closing ceremonies have been revived to fill the air with the excitement of the film festival. Last year, the festival attracted 75,000 visitors. Jeonju is the perfect day-trip away from Seoul, so there’s no excuse not to check out the Jeonju IFF.
Film screening times Apr 6th
Opening ceremony tickets open Apr 12, 2pm
Ordinary screening tickets open Apr 14, 11am

Jeonju Cinema Project 2016

This year’s selections include Austria-born director Lukas Valenta Rinner’s Los Decentes; director Kim Soo-hyun’s Great Patrioteers, co-produced by the independent production company Indieplug; and A Snowy Day, which is Cho Jae-min’s first full-length film and the first film released from Myung Films Film School that was established by Myung Films Production Company.

Los Decentes

Los Decentes

The story of a young woman working as a housekeeper in rural Argentina who discovers a nudist club and the incidents that erupt afterwards.

Great Patrioteers

Great Patrioteers

A film about 20-year-old Kyo-hwan (Koo Kyo-hwan) and the elderly Jung-soo (Myeong Gye-nam), who both stubbornly hold onto their
conflicting political views. Their interactions portray the realities of today’s society using dark humor.

A Snowy Day

A Snowy Day

A girl (Ji-woo), who is abused in an isolated small city by the villagers, meets a boy (Junior) and together, they create their own stories and adventures.

Drink and Watch

This doesn’t mean get drunk and watch a film. It’s impossible to omit the joys of eating while traveling, especially in Jeonju where the special drinking culture known as “ga-mek” (drinking at convenience stores) exists.

Junil Super is the best known with their crispy dried pollack, but my colleague from Jeonju suggests a ga-mek one block away from Junil, Youngdong Super (14, Hyeonmu 1-il, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, 063-283-4997). At Youngdong Super, the chicken dishes are exceptionally delicious and our favorite is the fried chicken gizzards.


Another delicious ga-mek option is at Cho-one Super (32-1, Pungnammun3-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, 063-287-1763), known for their chewy, dried pollack with special sauce. All of these dishes will make for unforgettable eating experiences.

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