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We talked to the band about their upcoming concert and their next album, which will be released soon.

Written by
Sungchan Park
The beloved electronic band Idiotape has won over audiences everywhere thanks to their original and exciting sounds. For the first time since their debut in 2011, Idiotape is getting ready for their first-ever solo concert, “Apophenia.” We talked to the band about their upcoming concert and their next album, which will be
released soon.

Tell us about your upcoming album.

We wanted to take all the great music we had performed on stage and put it all into one album. There are, of course, original songs on the album, but there are also many songs by other artists that we reinterpreted into our style.

This is your first solo concert, and we heard you filmed an official music video for the first time as well.

Our band collaborates with a production team (stage, lights, sound and video) and they’ve always suggested we do a solo show because until now, we’ve only performed at festivals. The music video also came as a suggestion from a video producer from the U.S. We obviously decided to take both of their suggestions. Maybe it was fate.


The concert is titled “Apophenia.” What does it mean?

It means “oppa fan.” Just kidding, it’s a term denoting the human tendency to see patterns even among random things. Our music is a series of meaningless electronic sounds sewn together, but each individual listener finds different meanings behind the songs.

Did you know that many call you guys

“analogue EDM musicians”? No, I’ve never heard that, but I don’t think it’s wrong if EDM stands for “electronic death metal”! When we perform abroad, our music is perceived as more post-rock or metal than electronic.


What does Seoul mean to you guys?

Seoul is an aggressive and busy city. When we were on the European tour, an interviewer said to us that although we use the same instruments and play the same genre, our sound is very different. That difference perhaps stems from Seoul’s combatant energy. We feel a lot of affection for this city and hope that people here will find some more leisure and just be happy.

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