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The biggest club nights in Seoul

Appreciate room to move? Try these top mega clubs for an essential Seoul night out

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Hahna Yoon

Whoever said that size doesn't matter definitely was not referring to clubs. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a small, expensive club when you're stuck with a whole bunch of overheated strangers. Seoul's mega clubs are a must see experience. Usually packed with posh Seoulites dressed to the nines and ready to party, here, the parties are guaranteed to keep you up all night long. Places like Octagon and The A are large enough that each corner and level of the club has a different feel, not to mention that they keep a steady flow of big name DJs all the time. Size matters but there's more to these clubs than just their immensity, go see for yourself.

Mega clubs in Seoul

  • Nightlife
  • Nonhyeon-dong
These days, it seems like Gangnam's mega clubs have failed to keep their finger on the pulse of trends as more and more of them close down, but Octagon saves face. There is barely any elbow room on the weekends, and scoring a table reservation is a one in a million chance. Octagon has a special place in the hearts of local clubgoers, who affectionately refer to Octagon as "Mok-tagon" on Thursdays (mok-yoil is Korean for "Thursday"). Octagon has hosted many international artists on its stage, and is also a popular venue for promotional parties. The traditionally electronic nightclub has recently carved out a hip-hop zone, attracting a new base of clientele. It's no wonder that the renowned DJ Mag recently selected Octagon as Asia's finest, ranking it 6th worldwide.
Club Ellui
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Though its official name is Asia Multiplex Club, this venue is more often referred to as Club Ellui for its location at the Ellui Hotel. Clubgoers flock to the club in the posh neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong on weekends for the exclusive high-end feeling that it exudes. But why go here versus the other clubs in the Gangnam area? Ellui boasts three different zones that potentially have three different DJs with different types of music. A night out in this area usually means the cost of a taxi, high priced drinks and no nearby venue to escape to if you don't like the vibe or music. Ellui gets rids of those worries by guaranteeing variation to your night.
The A
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The A started out as Club Heaven, then underwent a recent renewal and rekindled its business with a new staff. They have room for various genres, ranging from electronica to hiphop, and the space in front of the 2nd-floor VIP zone table is exceptionally wide. This is the spot where the hottest clubbers convene, by the way. There are also many many tables, so it's known as the prime space for a raucous night out with friends on a special occasion. There are also private rooms available. The only downside is that the stage in front of the DJ booth is a little narrow.
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  • Hapjeong-dong
M2 is a historical gem of a club when it comes to the generation of now-dying EDM clubs. Although EDM clubs are slowly vanishing in the city, M2 deserves a sincere standing ovation for keeping its doors open. Like most Hongdae clubs, the venue starts to get packed starting Thursday night. The regular club hoppers of Hongdae may have already crossed M2 off their list, but nevertheless, the club is always full. Every week, M2 hosts themed parties for a bit of extra fun, and the crowd naturally falls into the early twenties category. This legendary first generation EDM club is led by the legendary DJ Uncle and is still going strong.
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