Booking clubs for hooking up

Seoul’s most famous booking clubs, the latest craze in the city by Jamie.

Seoul’s most famous booking clubs, the latest craze in the city!

It’s Friday night and everyone is ready to wash away the stress of the week with a little alcohol and dancing. Near the Hongdae intersection, youngsters flock to the hottest booking clubs. Despite temperatures dropping well below zero Celsius, boys and girls dressed up from head to toe in the latest trends line up in front of these booking clubs like it’s a popular amusement park ride. But what exactly is a booking club? Why is it always bustling with people? To put it simply, the purpose of these clubs is to meet someone of the opposite sex. But most aren’t seeking out a soul mate to spend the rest of their life with; they just want to meet someone to have fun with for the night (there’s no use in hiding the fact that some go to find a one-night stand). One characteristic that sets booking clubs apart from other places is their age limit. Usually entrance is granted to the lucky crowd born between the years 1985 and 1996, meaning those over 32 (Korean age) can’t enter. Another method they use to control the crowd is checking IDs at the door like clubs. Most of these booking clubs allow those who are up to 30 years old to enter, and there are some in Jongno that set the age limit higher at 35. They also try to keep the ratio of men and women equal, so if you’re lucky you might get in quickly even if you arrive fashionably late (overall there is a larger ratio of men, so this policy is most often helpful to women). In comparison to clubs, it’s easier to meet those of the opposite sex at booking clubs and the prices aren’t too bad, making these venues much loved by the younger crowd. To improve your chances of meeting someone, you shouldn’t just sit around; make your way to the bar or show off your moves on the dance floor to make your presence known. Booking clubs also carry out fun promotions. For instance, if a group of girls come on a weekday and get less than five bookings, the food is half price. However, there are negative opinions about booking clubs that claim such places commercialize relationships and encourage flings. Also, if there are tables with good-looking members that get booking after booking, there are tables that remain awkwardly untouched. Booking clubs used to dominate Seoul’s night scene and can be called the younger version of the night club. But I can’t shake the feeling that the revival of these booking clubs is a little strange. For a generation not scared to share their bold opinions, it’s weird they even need booking clubs to coddle and herd them to have fun. It makes me wonder whether it really is 2016.

Green Light Party

The most crowded booking club in Hongdae, Green Light Party attracts crowds come rain or snow, weekday or weekend. (If you line up around 10pm, you’ll get in around 3am!) With the wide dance floor and DJ staying busy all night this place is more like a nightclub. The entrance fee is 5,000 won to 10,000 won but the alcohol and food is pricier than other venues.


Hongdae Solo Pocha

With branches in Konkuk University, Suyu-ri and Busan Seomyun, the Solo Pocha Hongdae is Korea’s iconic booking club brand. The second floor of this club has tables arranged closer together for easier bookings that you can enjoy for free on weekdays but for 3,000 won on weekends. If you stay more than 3 hours at a table, you’ll have to pay 18,000 won extra or order more food. So don’t hesitate to talk to somebody you like, and if you need help, just ask the booking helpers around you.


Wang-Daebak Join Club

When you walk into this club, you first see an open space around 1,300 square meters wide that can fit 700 people. Entry is only offered to those who are 26 or younger, and even if you’re 27 years old (Korean age) you won’t get in. There are rumors that booking success rates are higher at this popular Konkuk University venue than at Hongdae. The club also organizes various events, such as costume parties, from time to time.


Simin (Citizen) Hof

Often called the birthplace of booking clubs, the Simin Hof has no age limit unlike other places. However, the place is still dominated by young 20-year-olds. The food is only offered in set menus, so you have to order more than two dishes. The lines start to get long after 10pm.



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