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Hongdae is still HOT!

5 Must-see clubs in the Hongdae area



Based on Old School vibes, the stereo at Brown blasts hip-hop most of the time. Because of its signature laid back vibe, a lot of well-known rappers and dancers often swing by, and so do their fans. The space is quite cramped, and the venue fills to its maximum capacity over weekends, especially after the second round hours of 2 am. The crowd is a little on the young side, but on a Friday or Saturday night, Brown is an "after club" for all ages. As the drink menu consists of a cheap selection of cocktails and bottled beer, the venue is a quite a far stretch from elegance, but it's the place to be for a casual night to soak in the sweat of the weekends, especially after a big event in Hongdae.

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The Henz Club

The “it” place of Hongdae’s fashionistas, the street fashion selection shop Henz has launched a club. Their quirky, witty poster posted on social media immediately captured my attention, and I couldn’t wait to go when I came across the fact that some of the best DJ crews like Deadend Movement, Back N Forth, 360 Sounds and Dipcoin would be spinning here. Once a month, the Henz Club has a No Mercy Party, where you can party to trap music from opening to close. They provide free entrance for images of some parties that have been re-posted on Instagram, so make sure to follow them today!

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M2 is a historical gem of a club when it comes to the generation of now-dying EDM clubs. Although EDM clubs are slowly vanishing in the city, M2 deserves a sincere standing ovation for keeping its doors open. Like most Hongdae clubs, the venue starts to get packed starting Thursday night. The regular club hoppers of Hongdae may have already crossed M2 off their list, but nevertheless, the club is always full. Every week, M2 hosts themed parties for a bit of extra fun, and the crowd naturally falls into the early twenties category. This legendary first generation EDM club is led by the legendary DJ Uncle and is still going strong.

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Dimly-lit basements, serious furniture, and music vibrating in soft, repetitive hums—these are the visions we conjure up when imagining underground European techno clubs from the not-so-distant past. Lucky for us, this vision has come to life in the streets of Hapjeong. Set aside off from the major bustling streets of Hongdae, Vurt is only a minute walk from exit 6 of Hapjeong Station, and an easy 10-minute stroll from exit 1 of Sangsu Station. Burt carries a somewhat secluded and quiet vibe for a club and is managed by Suna, Unjin, DJI, and Soolee, old-timer DJs who have dedicated their lives to the club scene for over 10 years. Operated by a sound engineer from England’s reknowned audio company Allen & Heath, Vurt will appeal to true believers of underground sound.

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Of course, there are other hiphop clubs that claim to be "legit" around Hongdae, But this place is in the spotlight because of their hit event, Modu-eu Mic(Everyone's Mic), which lays down a plaayform for new rappers and is sponsored by Fila. They've already held their third event and it's free for anyone who wants to participate in this rap battle, even minors are allowed! All that is required is a love of hiphop. Check out their Facebook page(facebook.com/everyonesmic) for more info.

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