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Midnight seoul (CLOSED)

  • Nightlife

Time Out says

One of the hottest places in Seoul, Gyeongridan, has a lot of different types of restaurants come and go, but unfortunately, we rarely get to see any clubs. (Maybe Dojo is the only one?) Of course, there are a ton of clubs if you walk down the street to Itaewon, but going over that hill really takes all the energy out of you with none left to party hard. But I don’t think we need to worry about that anymore, thanks to this Midnight Seoul spot that everyone is talking about! Model Do Sang-wu and some younger storeowners in the Gyeongridan area came together to create a new system where customers can communicate with the club staff via their smartphones! All you need to do is use their Kakao account ( to send in song requests (only during the weekdays) and send messages to bartenders at any time. Also, they installed LED plasma lights instead of the flickering club lights that are painful on the eyes, making this club more sophisticated than others. (Personally, I can never get used to the bright, flashing lights at clubs.) But the reason why this place is in such high demand is because trendy Seoulites and even celebrities stop by on the weekends, making it that much cooler. (It’s like one of those smaller clubs in the back alleyways of New York or London where hipsters tend to go.) If you ever plan on visiting, I recommend the Midnight Moon in lieu of any plain drink. They use corn whiskey, which is distilled without being aged in the moonshine tradition. It’s a new type of liquor in Seoul and a new drink for you! The whiskey comes in three different flavors of apple pie, blueberry and strawberry. FYI: I don’t know of anyone who has ever hated the apple pie cocktail, so you might want to keep that in mind for the future
Written by
Sungchan Park


Midnight seoul
7, Noksapyeong-daero 54-gil
Shots start at 6,000 won, cocktails start at 10,000 won, bottles start at 99,000 won
Opening hours:
21:00 – 04:00
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