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Four Seasons Hotel Seoul Garden Terrace

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Time Out says

The Garden Terrace on the 15th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel has reopened its doors. As the buildings surrounding Gwanghwamun are not too high, the view you get of Bugaksan Mountain sitting at the end of the city is just phenomenal.

Following the trend of Chimac here in Korea, the menu offered is Beer & Burger. There are a total of 5 different burgers on the menu along with a collection of craft beers to choose from. These include the ‘Austin Texas Smoke House Burger’ (made with Australian beef patties, cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, crispy onions and BBQ sauce), the ‘Marrakesh Lamb Burger’ (made with lamb patties and Greece style Tzatziki), the ‘Seoul Burger’ (made with Kimchi buns, Samgyeopsal patties and Korean style BBQ sauce), the ‘Classic Burger’ (made with beef patties, lettuce, cheddar cheese and mustard) and last but not least, the ‘3 Mini Burger Set’ (a selection of the 4 burgers). Other menu items include barbeque pork ribs and vegetables, homemade sausages and even spicy buffalo wings.

All the craft beer will be provided by Korea’s very own The Hand and Malt brewing company. From their Slow IPA to Belgian Witbier and even Apple Cider, The Hand and Malts selection of refreshing drinks will go beautifully with Garden Terrace’s burgers. Craft beers will begin at 10,000 won while each burger has a price point of 28,000 won. The Beer & Burger specials will be offered every Wednesday through Saturday until the start of autumn. If you were looking for a classy alternative to the Chimac this summer, the Garden Terrace is the place to go.

Written by
Hye Won Kim


97, Saemunan-ro
Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5) exit 7
Burger 28,000 won, Craft Beer from 10,000 won
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