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Get lost in these kidult cafés

Re-encounter your childhood best friend at these specialty cafés filled with toys, action figures and dolls.

Written by
Time Out Seoul editors

The inevitable truth is that we have grown older and will continue to do so. Some of us have already reached that age where that one gigantic football field in your elementary school, just seems so awkwardly small now. Most of the toys and dolls we used to play with are probably stored away in storage spaces or forgotten and left behind as we move on in our lives. All those fond memories you had playing make-believes at home—well, you can revive those nostalgic memories at these select kidult cafés!

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Its rooftop is filled with pink pool chairs, a storage covered in purple flowers, a large unicorn tube and Totoro plush laying around the floor. Its walls often change colors—it was bright with red, orange, yellow, green and blue, and now it’s baby pink and white. And yes, Contoyner’s one of those places people visit for an Instagram-worthy shot, and for that, no one needs to feel shy—make a cute face, weird face or whatever, cause you know the person behind you’s making a cuter, weirder face right now...

Café de One Piece
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They say that you’re either never touched this manga or you’re an avid fan—there is no one that’s only read one edition. The Japanese manga One Piece about Monkey D. Luffy (the main character with the straw hat) and his adventures actually surpassed the popularity of widely successful Dragon Ball series. In 2015, One Piece even set the Guinness World Record for the “Most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author." The manga is extremely popular in Korea as well, and you can find the official café located in Hongdae...

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