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Guldari Shikdang

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  • Mapo-gu

Time Out says

The title of the world’s best kimchi jjigae would, without a doubt, go to my beloved grandmother. Where would the second best be? My answer to that is the Guldari Shikdang. This restaurant humbly began under a bridge in Mapo, catering to the hard working construction workers in the area. Without a sign or a placard, the restaurant quickly came to be known as the Guldari (under the bridge) restaurant through word of mouth. Now, the venue holds a proud white label at the entrance that reads “Kimchi Specialty.” The menu consists of only 2 items, the Kimchi Jjigae (stew) and the Jeyuk Bokkeum (spicy pork stir-fry), you can’t get any more confident than that. The jjigae is pre-cooked and upon ordering, a hefty portion with huge pieces of pork, uncut fully fermented Kimchileaves and the red broth with bits of oil floating on top, is served in a stainless steel bowl. Cut a small piece of meat, wrap it with some rice in a Kimchi leaf, blow it cool about 3 times and place it in your mouth, it will have you mesmerized. The sweet and savory Jeyuk Bokkeum is perfectly seasoned to mix with your rice. Whether you’re coming here for some soju (which goes perfect with the jjigae) or for a hangover cure, this restaurant will have you satisfied. Side dishes include tamagoyaki, braised fish and seasoned herbs among others. Opening at 8am, Guldari Shikdang is the place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a late night drink.

Written by
Sihwa Kim


8-1, Saechang-ro
Gonduk Station (line 6) exit 8. 2 mins walk.
Kimchi jjigae 7,000 won, jeyuk bokkeum 10,000 won, tamagoyaki 8,000 won
Opening hours:
Everyday 08:00-22:00, closed on national holidays
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