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July Restaurant

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Time Out says

Tucked into a neat alley in Seorae Maeul (Seorae Village), July is run by Chef Oh Se-deuk, who stars in several cooking shows. Although Chef Oh is a lovable jokster on the shows, he is dead serious when it comes to his cooking. July Restaurant serves up authentic French cuisine, delicate and delicious, using local ingredients. Lunch and dinner are both served only in course meals of two kinds: the daily course and the premium course (slightly more expensive).

Meals start off with bite-sized amuse-bouche, packed with maximum flavor and varying in textures. The menu changes seasonally but some regulars remain such as the fried scallop kadayif roll with coconut milk, basil, lemon sauce and brined duck breast with carrot puree. Cut into the scallop roll to see a translucent, perfectly cooked scallop and devour it with the acidic basil lemon sauce (your plate is bound to be clean when you finish). The duck breast is equally well-cooked with a crispy skin that goes excellently with the earthy carrot puree. For the main dish, we suggest the lamb shoulder, one of the best in Seoul. The distinct lamb flavor is there but not too overpowering and each soft bite is complimented by simple yet flavorful grilled vegetables and a deliciously rich potato puree.

What July does best is allow the fresh and beautiful ingredients speak for themselves, cooked perfectly and served with the minimum amount of sauce and garnish. A sort of timeless cooking exists here, one that you’ll want to seek out again and again.

Written by
Suyeon Bock


164, Donggwang-ro
Seocho Station (line 2), exit 5
Lunch: daily course 45,000 won, premium course 70,000 won; dinner: wise course 95,000 won, premium course 120,000 won.
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 12-3pm (L.O 1:30pm), 6:30-10:30pm (L.O 20:30pm) Sun 12-3pm (L.O 1pm), 6-9pm (L.O 7pm)
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