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Little Neck

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Time Out says

This place gets its name from a neighborhood in Queens, New York. Located on the Gyeongridan hill, Little Neck invites warm sunlight through its large front façade, which lights up the cozy Soho-esque ambiance. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed with a sign that reads, "Keep calm and eat avocados." And with that, you’ll probably be ordering at least one dish with avocados in it, as many of their dishes do. While glancing at the healthy menu composed by the chefs here, the constant dietary alarm ringing on the back of your head will be at ease. Try the Avocado Salmon Burger. It is made with a whole avocado cut in half and served as a burger bun. In the middle, you will find a thick piece of salmon, lettuce, cucumbers and whole grain mustard sauce. With each bite you take, you will feel the perfectly ripe avocado melt in your mouth. Although the texture, scent and taste of the green fruit might get a little overwhelming as you eat, the savory salmon, crispy veggies and fresh mustard sauce will keep em' all balanced (the side salad helps as well). Admittedly, for those who aren’t used to the taste or texture of avocados, might find the whole burger a bit hard to finish. But just keep in mind, they’re good for you! The Avocado Cream Shrimp Pasta is another great dish to try. The carbonara sauce contains a scoop of what looks like guacamole, and is rich in texture with creamy avocado. Little Neck is a place for casual dieters who are craving healthy food options that also taste delicious.

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Noksapyeong Daero 46ga-gil 8
Avocado Salmon Burger 11,000 won, Avocado Cream Shrimp 15,000 won
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 10:00-21:00
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