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Time Out says

It’s a great place for pets to have fun, with its wide space and small obstacles. The space is large enough that most dogs can comfortably run around and enjoy themselves. There’s even a small section for dogs under 4kg’s (who may feel a little frightened by all the energy). Above all, however, the menu at MungMungMung is what sets this pet café apart from all the others. While most mundane pet cafés have limited choices in drinks and snack, MungMungMung goes all out with items like yuza sauce steak, roasted ginger pork and even side dishes like chicken potato kara-age. Everything considered, the food is also quite tasty. They also serve homemade cookies, sweet potatoes for dessert and even snacks for your pet. The café doesn’t charge an entrance fee, but each person in your group will be required to order a drink. The only downside is that large dog breeds are not permitted into the café. If you are getting your dog a haircut, the café will indulge your dog to a free carbonated spa treatment for free. MungMungMung has 2 outlets, one in Songpa-gu and the other in Yongin city.

Written by
In-jeong Park


양재대로62길 8 금강빌딩
Gil-dong Station (line 5) exit 2. 5 mins walk.
Americano 5,000 won, fruit shake 7,000, tonkatsu curry 10,000 won, kid's set 8,000 won
Opening hours:
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