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SangSang Puppy Café

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Time Out says

This café is known for being well organized. The interior is divided into 3 sections: the entrance, the meeting room and finally, the play room. Once you enter the café through the entrance, you will be asked to go into the meeting room, where you and your pet will be introduced to other pets that arrived before you. Once your pet feels comfortable with the interaction, you and your pet will be allowed to enter the larger play room, where all the dogs mingle and play together. At the entrance, you will also be asked to take your shoes off, wear a pair of provided slippers and clean your hands with hand-sanitizers (also provided). Only after these sanitary procedures, will you be allowed to enter. You’ll understand why from the cleanliness of the café as well as how well the dogs get along with each other. SangSang also provides pet hotel services that include ‘Hotel-ing’ (they keep your dog for 24 hours) and ‘Schooling’ (they keep your dog for a couple of hours). But before they accept your dog, you will be required to keep your dog at the café for 1 to 2 hours to see if the dog is able to cope well with the environment and fellow dogs. Once your pet passes the ‘test’, you will be able to use the ‘Hotel-ing’ and ‘Schooling’ services. Although it may seem as though the café requires a lot from your pet, it’s to make sure that you can trust the services they offer.

Written by
In-jeong Park


19-16, Wausan-ro 21-gil
Hongik Universtiy Station (line 2) exit 9. 10 mins walk.
8,000 won for entrance and free drink
Opening hours:
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