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Where to get cheap drunk foods at 2am

The holy quadrinity of sodium, H2O, carbs and fat.


The sun's coming up soon, we look for food for several reasons: to fill our stomach after all the partying, to reduce the chance of the worst morning after and for the chat we couldn't have at the club or the bar. Here are a few places to nurture your body when it's desperately calling for the sodium, H2O, carbs and fat. The menu basically comes down to pizza, kebab, mandu (dumplings) and noodles soups.

Monster pizza


Everyone knows about this notorious post-clubbing calorie bomb, Monster Pizza. It’s the OG pizza-and beer place, before it became a fad and overtook basically all of Seoul. Located right across from Samgeori Pocha and NB2, they only have three things on the menu—the Spice Girl, the pepperoni and the cheese. Don’t be fooled by the huge size (46cm/18in)—they care just as much about quality as quantity. Shipped straight from the States, their signature tomato sauce will make it impossible for you to stop once you take that first bite. The limited space and cheap prices push clubbers out onto the streets for their very own pizza party.

Ankara Picnic


You’ve probably walked by the mouth-watering smell of Turkish kebab near exit 3 at Itaewon Station. Now one of the landmarks of the area, Ankara Picnic has established its place in the history of Itaewon kebab (literally half of all Korea’s kebab places seem to be located around here). Although truck competitors have come and go, loyal customers always come back to Ankara Picnic for their consistency. You’re lucky if they’re not out of lamb already and even if they’re are, there’s always a long line for the other late night munchies.


The Halal Guys

Restaurants Yongsan-gu

Halal Guys opens until 10pm on weekdays, and till 3am on weekends. This Itaewon location has got friendly staff in the iconic yellow uniform, and the fresh ingredients that Halal Guys has been known for. For the menu, you choose between a sandwich and a platter which comes with rice and pita bread, then meat (chicken or gyro) or falafel that goes into your dish. For those who prefer meat, we recommend the combo which is a combination of both chicken and gyro. As for the dessert, there’s baklava which even in the United States is sold only at the restaurant locations. 

Jopok Topokki


The McDonald’s of Korean street food, Jopok Toppoki started as a food truck in 1987 and made its way up to the Hongdae tteokbokki classic that it has become now. It has two stores in the Hongdae area alone. To be perfectly honest, the food isn’t anything too special. Their success mainly comes from the great location and keeping their classic taste consistent over the years. By the way, the place has nothing to do with jopok (gangsters), so no need to get intimidated (though the owner is actually kind of scary looking)!


Yago Mandoo

3 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Itaewon

While the rest of Itaewon is winding down its crazy weekend, this is the one place that fills up even quickly than cabs on a rainy Saturday night. Popular with people who play all night and then get hungry, Yago Dumplings is well-known for handmade delights. Spicy dumplings made from extra-hot green peppers as well as satisfying shrimp dumplings are part of their special menu. Sometimes, your carnal hungers are simple, and all you need to finish off your weekend is the taste of these mouthwatering dumplings.

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