Seoul’s One Star House Party pop-up restaurant open for five days

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One Star House Party
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One Star House Party
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One Star House Party

Six months ago James Sharman, a former chef of the London-based two Michelin-star restaurant The Ledbury and a group of Michelin-star chefs (from other prestigious restaurants like Noma) packed their bags and hit the road. Each month they travelled to a new country to host a pop-up restaurant called One Star House Party. To get inspiration for the menu, the nomadic chefs split up and worked in local restaurants, on fishing boats and in rice fields to immerse themselves in local food cultures. The team has also put in the extra-effort to source unique locations and has turned an Airbnb apartment in New York City, a warehouse in San Francisco and a Bagel joint in Taipei into a restaurant. Seoul is lucky to be the next location for the pop-up. Starting July 30th, the restaurant will only open for five days, and tickets are being released on their website today. Make sure to check out their video posts from previous countries to feed your excitement!

By: Dong Mi Lee


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