The best of the brunch

We've got hunch on where to brunch

Salmon and Avocado of The Libertine bar & kitchen

4 out of 5 stars

Although brunch menus may be a dime a dozen in Itaewon, the only restaurant in the neighborhood for it is Libertine. Though the menu we know and loved has recently undergone some changes, their addictive Eggs Benedict with creamy Hollandaise sauce remains and continues to be one of Time Out Seoul’s favorites. New options include the mouthwatering Salmon and Avocado (housecured salmon, eggs poached to perfection and avocado puree on house-baked bread) and the Egg Toast and Granola, the perfect smallportioned way to start your day off light. Let yourself get carried away with some cocktails (the mimosas and white wine are fantastic here), and you just might be feeling like a  libertine in more ways than one.



Brunch tasting of The Bimbom

This restaurant with Namsan Tower in full view serves only brunch all day long. For a hungry party of two, we recommend the beautifully presented brunch tasting menu. Arranged on a three-tier cake stand, you have a  choice between the carrot pancakes and brioche French toast for the first level; two choices of the mushroom eggs Benedict, the quiche Lorraine or the tomato meatball stew for the second; and a Before Sunrise crepe for the third. The brunch tasting menu also includes the choice of two drinks of either an Americano, tea or a soft drink. From the sunny-side up egg in the center of the Before Sunrise crepe (yes, its name was inspired by the 1996 Richard Linklater film) to the not-sohealthy, oddly delicious carrot pancakes topped with cake frosting, the sweet to savory ratio is well-maintained in this tasting menu that gives good bang for your buck.

44,000 won.


Blueberry pancakes of The Queens Park

If you must have brunch south of the river, the question is not whether you’ll be shelling out a pretty penny but whether it’s worth the price you’ll  be paying. For brunch à la mode surrounded by Seoul’s elite, Queens  Park in Cheongdam is the place to be. Undoubtedly inspired by the neighborhood in London, the elegant high ceilings and porch seating make for an atmosphere fit for Her Majesty. While popular items on the menu include sandwiches with a side salad and fries, we’d recommend the blueberry pancakes with seasonal fruits. Served with a light cream and a small additional helping of blueberries, the fruit is incredibly fresh and the pancakes aren’t overbearingly sweet. If you’re a fan of having some liquor with your meal, note that only beer is served with brunch.

21,000 won.

Smoked Salmon Biscuit Benedict of The Beastro

4 out of 5 stars

While brunching may be synonymous with post-party confessions (as inspired by Sex and the City) and hair-of-the-dog cocktails, there are dozens of clubs in Hongdae for partying and only one restaurant for  getting an authentic American brunch in the area. Perfecting simple dishes, such as eggs (any way you want them) and house-cured bacon, you’ll also find more complex, quintessential brunch dishes with the original Beastro flare to them. Case in point is the Smoked Salmon Biscuit Benedict, which is made with buttery biscuits instead of the more traditional English muffin, and paired with well-seasoned, beef fat roasted potatoes to make the otherwise light dish heartier. But, beware the cocktail menu that’ll make you forget you were promising sobriety the night before—some would argue this is the only place to get your Bloody Mary done right.

15,000 won.


Buckwheat Salad of The Bills

With three locations in Seoul, the chain originally from Sydney, Australia has many a local flocking to the restaurant for its well-reputed brunch items. Although the April renewal of the menu has removed one of our  favorites, the quinoa salad; we’re happy to welcome the Bills’ Buckwheat Salad instead. The baby vegetable base is topped with peeled buckwheat, quinoa, beetroot, nuts, avocado, cilantro and a poached egg—making it one of the lighter, healthier brunch options in the city. Mix in the spicy Harissa sauce and the salad becomes an unusual shade of red, which doesn’t take away from the salad’s taste. Bills goes to great lengths to use only the best ingredients, using free-range eggs and getting its ricotta cheese specially made at Sangha Farm (an organic milk and cheese farm) for its signature dish, the ricotta hotcake. The restaurant is quite large but has lines out the door by 11:30am so get there early to be seated right away.

19,800 won, Ricotta hotcakes 19,800 won.