Seoul-gae-ting: Rae-yoon and Hee-ju

In Korea, blind dates (or so-gae-ting) are the way to go for many singles. Here at Time Out Seoul, we’ve arranged a “Seoul-gae-ting” for two savvy Seoulites to see if it works

Chicken and beer at Chi Mç Han Zan 9, Gangnam-daero 106-gil, Gangnam-gu (02-562-1492).


Rae-yoon: I was a little late but she greeted me with a smile and I was  thankful. Maybe it’s because that smile was my first impression of her, but it’s still lingering in my memory.

Hee-ju: I arrived first and when he came from afar calling and waving his hand, he reminded me of someone I knew and it made him seem more familiar.



Rae-yoon: I feel like I talked too much about myself But she was nice  enough to laugh at my jokes until the end (whether it was real or not).

Hee-ju: I can’t say we were a perfect match, but it wasn’t bad. I laughed a lot during our conversation.


Rae-yoon: After a date that lasted around 4 hours, I sent her a text telling her to get home safely.

Hee-ju: We were on the same subway line and I got off first. I liked that he texted me on my way home telling me to get home safely.



Rae-yoon: ♥♥♥♥♡ She seems kind and understanding. At first I was  uncomfortable, but the conversation loosened me up. I’m not sure in
which way I’m interested through.

Hee-ju: ♥♥♥♡♡ If we meet again, I’d like to do so in a more comfortable setting rather than a formal one.