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Seoul-gae-ting: Young-hu and Ye-seul

In Korea, blind dates (or so-gae-ting) are the way to go for many singles. Here at Time Out Seoul, we’ve arranged a “Seoul-gae-ting” for two savvy Seoulites to see if it works

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Young-hu: I immediately recognized her waiting for me. She gave off a cold impression at first so I was nervous, but she was a friendly woman who knows how to joke with her younger siblings.

Ye-Seul: He came all the way from Yeouido to where I live, through the headache of Seoul’s traffic. That was sweet and it showed his thoughtful nature.


Young-hu: I mostly listened to her talk but she wasn’t obnoxiously talkative. She liked talking about small everyday things, and I could  sense her warm and considerate nature during our conversation.

Ye-Seul: He led our conversation with wit. He had good manners and seemed like he knows how to treat a girl right. He made sure our  meeting, though short, was thoroughly enjoyable.


Young-hu: I was tired and didn’t get a chance to contact her, but she texted me first. Some obsess over who first texts first but she was  obviously more mature than that.

Ye-seul: I was very thankful he made the long journey, so I texted him to get home safely and received a reply shortly after saying that he did.


Young-hu: ♥♥♥♥♡ I think she’s someone you have to meet several times to get to know her well, so I’m already thinking about our next date. I hope to see her before she goes on her trip to France…

Ye-seul: ♥♥♥♡♡ He is such a nice guy. I want to talk to him again, but in a more comfortable setting.
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