Treat yourself to that breezy summer feeling

Stop slouching in front of your mechanical fan and wishing your were on the beach. Seek out these must-have items and get a summer breeze going at home…
By Jin Soo Lee |

Instead of trying in vain to imagine a beach breeze while slouched in front of your mechanical fan, how about classing up your room a notch? Here are a few refreshing treats to help to recreate a mini-getaway right at home. Soaps to scrub you down in the shower, scents to carress your room, fabric care to keep your clothes dry and neat... and a cactus for a dry, airy feeling inside. When you can't go on vacation, bring the vacation to you. 


Staycation staples

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Be New’s Mountain Goat’s Soap

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Pearl, charcoal, pumpkin... They don’t sound like ingredients for soap but at Be New, this is just the beginning. Our favorite at this Yeonnam-dong soap shop is the Mountain Goat soap that stands out for its similarity to mother’s milk. Not only are the all-natural ingredients great for your skin, you can also see how they’re made at Be New.

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Villa Soohyang's ‘Sea Scent’

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When the temperatures go up, it’s time to turn on Villa Soohyang’s “Sea Scent.” With its spray and diffuser functions, it can bring a little of the ocean aroma to your home. Scents like Itaewon 565 and Gangnam 8 add a local feeling to this Seoul store.

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Cycle de l'Eau’s Cactus

icon-location-pin Seogyo-dong

When all you want is to be dry, what better image is there than a cactus? At Cycle de l’Eau, you can have your very own spiny, water-retaining friend customized. Planted in everything from water bottles to Campbell Soup Cans (a la Andy Warhol) they can custom design a cactus pot for you from just about anything.

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S.O.P. Fabric Care

icon-location-pin Sinsa-dong

Though S.O.P. has a wide range of products from rugs to handbags, our favorite has to a product called Laundress. Think shampoo for fabric. Plant based and animal cruelty free, Laundress is available as a detergent, fabric wash, shampoo or stain solution. Yup, this summer no one has to know that you actually sweat.

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