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Dongdaemun Stationery Store Street

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  • Dongdaemun-gu

Time Out says

“There’s a place like that in Seoul?” is a question many Seoulites will ask when learning about this area exists. Dongdaemun Stationery Store Street os located somewhere between Dongmyo Station and Dongdaemun Station, and is often missed or overlooked by many as there really isn’t much that distinguishes it from the existing environment. The street began forming its distinctive characteristic of selling toys and stationeries in the mid-1970’s and now currently houses 120 different stores. Among elementary school kids, the street is unanimously famous for being stocked with the latest trending toys, while the older generation will be able to find items that bring back memories of their childhood. Various rare imported items, notebooks, writing utensils and even shoes among other items can be bought for up to 50% off its retail price – a perfect reason to go with your children.

Most of the clientele that comes to the market are children dragging their parents along. But once in a while, you will see someone who seems to awkwardly fit in with the environment but not completely. They are usually young adults. Upon asking them why they came here, they just casually replied “to buy toys of course!” while showing their purchases without hesitation. The toys were obviously not meant for her age, yet she seemed extremely happy with her purchase. Likewise, the Dongdaemun Stationery Store Street is well-known spot amongst toy collecting kidults. For 20% less, you can find and purchase original Legos along with Disney, Super Mario, Marble and DC Comic figures and toys of all different sizes. ‘Made in China’ copies of some original toys can also be found and actually do pretty well in the market. Some kidults only purchase these imitation items from China as they are much more affordable and of decent quality. A new item that has been introduced to the Dongdaemun market is the Fidget Spinner – a pretty meaningless but internationally famed toy. It looks like a dice except with buttons and switches on its faces and is meant for nothing other than fidgeting. They say that it’s supposed to help with concentration, and maybe that’s why they are so popular around the world these days.

Written by
Sihwa Kim


36, Jong-ro 52-gil
Opening hours:
08:00-19:00 (differs by shop)
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