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Four domestic street brands at Famille Street

Young street brands based in Hongdae, Itaewon, Yeonnam, etc. have now found their way to Banpo-dong

Written by
jin soo lee
Famille Station has grown in fame thanks to the collection of well-known Korean restaurants that started opening their doors there. Now, you can find as much fashion as you can food on Famille Street, which is located within Famille Station. Stores such as Kakao Friends, Never Green Store and Brown Breath grab your attention with their fresh new looks. Considering how new these brands are, some of you might be unfamiliar with their products. Here’s a sneak peek into what they have to offer.
Never Green Store (Central city)
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The Never Green Store, founded by designer An Te-ok (of Spectator, Home Ground Supply and NMW), specializes in men’s wear. Te-ok’s men’s wear dates back to his time in Italy where he went to learn his techniques and buy specific fabrics. With World War II uniforms serving as his muse, the store’s main concept follows a militaryinspired look. Recognized for their quality and design, the products sell out quickly and are even difficult to buy online. Fans of An Te-ok can now easily find the products in person at the Famille Street location.
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With skateboarders in beanies on their advertisements, you might think that thisisneverthat. is just another street brand for boarders. However, the brand is one that’s being recognized by fashionistas, DJs and other street culture fanatics. Their collection smoothly mixes in classic jackets and slacks amongst their more casual wear. Collaborating with Puma, Jan Sports and Vans, their products were previously only found in select Vans’ shops.
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Leading the Korean streetwear scene since 2006, this brand has not only collaborated with big names, such as Vans and Cheap Monday, but they’ve also managed to snag space at three different department stores. With a style that’s casual and fun, the brand’s most successful item has to be their bag collection called BLC, which has now been expanded. The second floor of the showroom features a café called Word Coffee where one can sip on a beverage while contemplating which items to buy. Currently available at their Famille Street location is a limited edition of BLC’s steady best seller, the “Definition Backpack.”
Liful Minimal Garments
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While existing as a brand for a decade, this is the first time that Liful will enter a department store venue. Famous for their parrot design on t-shirts, Liful Minimul Garmets. is one of the biggest brands on the domestic street scene. After having started as a male fashion brand, it’s now expanded into a unisex label known for its simple and casual style. They offer a great selection of sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies that are perfect for the upcoming winter season.
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