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Seoul shopping guide

From high fashion to handmade knickknacks, Seoul shopping has it all. Here’s our guide to retail heaven

Written by
Hye Won Kim

On the hunt for a new look? Searching high and low for the perfect birthday gift? Or maybe you're in the mood to just window shop and picture those gorgeous home accessories strewn around your dream home. Whatever it is, shopping is one of contemporary society's oldest pasttimes, and Seoul has all the commercial activity befitting a modern metropolis.

The best Seoul stores

Shop the latest fashion at Seoul's trendiest clothing stores
  • Shopping
  • Boutiques

When it comes to representing who you are, your clothes are at the forefront of importance. Look cool and be presentable in the latest fashion at Seoul's trendiest clothing stores. Whether you're in the market for a nice top or clothes to go out in, these stores are the places where you can find the "it" items that you've been scouring the malls for

Seoul’s best home and design stores
  • Shopping
  • Design and interiors

Seoul isn't exactly known for an open-door culture of inviting just anyone into our homes—but that doesn't mean we don't like our apartments, villas and houses to be ready for guests (or Instagram photos). Just take a look at the magazine section of any bookstore and you'll see how much the art of nest feathering has taken off these days. Thankfully, the lifestyle shopping has risen to meet the demand: From gorgeous Scandinavian furniture to vintage Korean knickknacks, you'll find great housewarming gifts and treats for yourself in this list of our favorite lifestyle select shops.

Hidden gems: Korean design shops in Seoul
  • Shopping
  • Arts, crafts & hobbies

Korean craftsmanship is seeing a renaissance, and we're loving it. Ditch those made-in-China reproductions, or else the hastily-bought airport gifts. Instead, do yourself a favor and visit these shops, where Korean traditional artisans and modern designers alike display their wares. You'll find beautifully hand-stitched fabrics, hand-carved stamp seals and lacquerware in all shades of colors.

The best men’s fashion stores in Seoul
  • Shopping
  • Boutiques

In one of the most fashionable cities in the world you have to work hard to keep up. The men in Seoul are almost as well-groomed as the women, but we have a list of great menswear shops for you to stay up to the date with the latest looks—get the advice of in-the-know shop employees and you'll be dressed to the nines in no time.

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