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SM Town @CoexArtium

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Time Out says

TVXQ, SNSD, EXO, f(x) and other SM artists’ contents are all integrated in this space. Take the escalator between the ornate media walls and you may feel like you’re entering an amusement park. In addition to the shop that sells SM products, there’s SMTown Studio where you can train and film music videos and take photographs like a celebrity; SMTown Theatre for musicals, concerts and other performances; an archive café and more. If you’re a SM fan, this is your mecca.

Celebrity Shop SUM
This shop sells merchandise with your favorite artists on it, such as calendars and CDs, but it is also a lifestyle shop that sells your artist’s
favorite products and goods that SM artists collaborated on with other  designers. There is even a SUM Market where you can buy items, such as SHINee jjajang ramen, Super Junior potato chips and Red Velvet sparkling water. These products fly off the shelves quick so get them while you can.

SM Town Studio
This is a space where you can get vocal and dance training like real SM artists do, then have your hair and makeup done for a photo shoot and film a music video. After your vocal training session, you can  record your own music to make a one-of-a-kind record. Prices vary, but it seems K-pop fans from everywhere are willing to pay whatever the cost, as the experience is immensely popular.

SMTown Theatre
This 800-seat theater sells out almost every day. Eighty percent of the audience members are Japanese or Chinese fans that come to watch the hologram musical. Some Japanese fans even do a day trip to  Seoul just to see this musical.

Written by
Sungchan Park


513, Youngdong-daero,
Opening hours:
AM 11:00 - PM 10:00
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